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(616)350-2315 LLC allows you to download and customize amazing Adobe After Effects files! (After Effects Templates) These files have awesome pre-made animations. All you have to do is download them, edit the text or graphics and then render out! All these projects are royalty free. These files will give you a bold presence, which cut through the clutter of other animations making your presentation much more memorable.

Plus you save hundreds of hours doing tedious after effects key framing! You can save time when you need something in a time crunch. If you are not a skilled after effects user, these files will help you deliver professional animations at an extremely affordable price. If you are a veteran AE user you have the opportunity to gain much more from these projects as a starting point for what you are working on. offers a wide variety of templates.

Trapcode Form .obj Test

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Trapcode Form .obj Test

Cassidy Bisher

From Peder Norrby "Impressive work by Cassidy Bisher. He set out to explore the new .OBJ support in Trapcode Form 2.0 and created this lovely piece."

Cassidy notes:

"Some of the models that were imported into form were designed by Teddy Bodien. They were then exported to the right format, .obj, by Breyon Bradford.

Harry Frank gave us insight on how to prepare the .obj file. The simple solution is to subdivide the 3D object more. Form renders a particle at each vertex. So, if you can add more and more subdivisions (more vertices), the object will have more visible particles in Form. 

People are always asking me how I do my camera moves. For me it depends on what I want to do... do I use nulls and parent the camera to them or use the simple orbit camera tool. Sometimes it's a combination of both. When I first started using AE my mistake was using to many keyframes for the camera position, the animation would feel clunky & awkward. It wasn't until I started using the graph editor in AE to tweak the keyframes in combination with using less keyframes that the animation started looking more smooth, flowing and graceful.

Effects used were: Trapcode Form, Trapcode Lux, Knoll Light Factory (I put a box blur on the knoll light factory layer to make it less harsh and more organic), a 4 color gradient with only around 10 to 20 percent opacity was used on top of all the other layers.

Music Artist: Aphex Twin (Petiatil Cx Htdui)"