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(616)350-2315 LLC allows you to download and customize amazing Adobe After Effects files! (After Effects Templates) These files have awesome pre-made animations. All you have to do is download them, edit the text or graphics and then render out! All these projects are royalty free. These files will give you a bold presence, which cut through the clutter of other animations making your presentation much more memorable.

Plus you save hundreds of hours doing tedious after effects key framing! You can save time when you need something in a time crunch. If you are not a skilled after effects user, these files will help you deliver professional animations at an extremely affordable price. If you are a veteran AE user you have the opportunity to gain much more from these projects as a starting point for what you are working on. offers a wide variety of templates.

Red Giant Presets

Below are some presets that I have made for Red Giant. The leader in Filmmaking & Motion Graphics Software

Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects for Trapcode Suite

60 Templates for Easy, Explosive Logo & Text Animation

This updated Guru Preset offers 60 vibrant and easy ways to showcase your logos and text. Drop your text or logo into fiery, organic animations; shatter words with metallic light explosions; or become the ghost in the machine with old-school video game stylization. Sound FX are included and already synced in most of the templates to quickly bring your project to an explosive finish.



This Guru Preset offers a vibrant and easy way to showcase your logos and text.

  • 60 Templates in 12 vibrantly colored styles create easy-to-use animation.

  • Place your logo inside a placeholder and let After Effects do the rest.

  • You can alternately put text, photos or videos in the placeholder.

  • Sound FX are included for a fast start with all of your media.

  • Great for Video Intros or Movie Trailer style presentations.



Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects II for Trapcode

59 Text Particle Animations for Video, TV Spots & More

Turn your text characters into forces of nature with this engaging collection of presets for Trapcode Suite. Wrap your logo in a smoke trail, fiery blaze, tornado, rainstorm or snow blizzard. Replace the text placeholder with your own text or logo to get a project quickly started, and customize the design easily with new colors or a few particle tweaks.



This Guru Preset offers 20 customizable After Effects animation projects, which unfold into 59 different composition versions. See the Preset example videos here.

  • Use the projects immediately by typing in your text or dropping in logos.
  • Over 200 comps based on the templates, with varying levels of complexity and control.
  • Some comps include sound effects!



Cassidy Bisher's Light Effects for Trapcode

120 Transitions to Illuminate Your Video

Brighten your motion design with 20 lively, luminous animation projects and 100 visually stunning transitions. The light projects are professional-quality After Effects templates that easily swap out images and text from your own work, and use Trapcode Particular's sexy new Streaklet particle type as a central design element. The light transitions include flashes, bursts, streaks, sweeps and wipes that let you cut to the next scene or shot with style. Transitions come as both editable After Effects projects and as pre-rendered video for use in other editing programs.

Trailer # 1

Trailer # 2


This pack offers 20 After Effects animation template projects and 100 transition projects.

  • The transitions come as both After Effects projects, and as pre-rendered video for use in any compositor or non-linear editor (like FCP or Premiere Pro).
  • Easily replace the text and video to convey your message in a sizzling 3D environment.
  • Change the color of the light effects, text and backgrounds to get the exact look you need.
  • Use the templates as individual comps, or render them out as one long video for your promos, TV commercials or corporate presentations.

See example videos of the Guru Presets here. Here is a montage of the Light Streaks templates (music is included for your use):



Tutorials for these Products

Orb Text Creator


Partical Overflow Error

When getting the error message, "After Effects error: Particle Overflow Error (4) (25 :: 241) Decreasing the Particle Amount within Trapcode Particular will help you render error free.


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